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We focus on your ability, helping you overcome the challenges of living with your disability.

Individuals who are living with a developmental disability deserve resources that allow them to live their lives to the fullest. This is why the Department of Developmental Disabilities has devised various care strategies to help improve the quality of life of such patients. At Nobel Healthcare Services LLC, we utilize research-based techniques and expert knowledge to ensure that the needs of patients with developmental disability are met, delivering quality care for their overall health and wellness. We also extend our support and assistance to their family members to achieve better patient outcomes.

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  • Patients can take advantage of the following DODD waiver programs:

    • Level One

      The Level One Waiver is for individuals who do not need that many paid staff members to provide the services they need.

    • SELF

      The SELF Waiver is good for people who prefer to be in charge of some of their services, managing their own budget.

    • Individual Options

      The Individual Options (IO) Waiver is for individuals who require a lot of help at home, helping them acquire the skills they need to become more independent.

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