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The Ohio Medicaid program offers a variety of waiver services for homebound individuals who need quality health care at home. Through which, they can receive assistance when it comes to accomplishing activities of daily living, homemaking tasks, and more.

Those who are eligible for Medicaid in Ohio include:

  • Pregnant women and their infants
  • Patients with disabilities
  • Low-income individuals
  • Elderly adults
  • Children

Ohio Home Care Waiver Program

The Ohio Medicaid program includes provision for individuals who need home care. This Ohio Home Care Waiver Program is available for:

  • Medicaid-eligible individuals under the age of 60
  • Homebound patients who require an Intermediate or Skilled Level of Care
  • Those who are determined to require and agree to receive a waiver service monthly that is otherwise unavailable through another source (including private pay, community resources, etc.) in an amount sufficient to meet the individual’s assessed needs
  • Individuals who meet other program eligibility requirements in accordance with the Administrative Code of Ohio

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